Our Results For The Last
3 Years

$ 650,000

Settlement for brain injury in a trucking case.

$ 500,000

Jury verdict in deck collapse case.

$ 175,000

Settlement in a slip and fall case.

$ 700,000

Settlement in balcony collapse case.

$ 85,000

Jury verdict in car wreck case.

$ 425,000

Settlement in truck accident case resulting in surgery.

$ 150,000

Settlement in car wreck case.

$ 300,000

Settlement in road wreck case.

$ 125,000

Settlement in car wreck case.

$ 180,000

Jury verdict in case where client walked into a corporate ladder while on her cell phone.

$ 30,000

Jury verdict in car wreck case.

$ 100,000

Settlement in car wreck case.

$ 200,000

Settlement in low impact truck accident case.

$ 85,000

Settlement in low impact USPS truck case.

$ 337,000

Settlement in trucking accident case.

$ 227,000

Settlement in passenger truck accident case.


Settlement in DUI car wreck case resulting in back surgery


Settlement in disputed liability truck wreck case


Settlement in trucking case with non-surgical injuries


Policy limits settlement, pedestrian struck by vehicle


Policy limits settlement in car wreck case.


Settlement for surgical fusion case


Elevator collapse case resulting in a hip surgery


Low impact car accident case


settlement in negligent security/apartment shooting case


jury verdict arising out of an armored truck accident


Settlement arising out of a forklift accident


Settlement arising out of car wreck resulting in bowel surgery


Settlement from car wreck resulting in a concussion


Settlement for pedestrian accident resulting in fractured wrist