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When you have been involved in a “slip and fall” accident, you need to find the best Atlanta slip and fall lawyer to help you secure the best possible settlement.


Atlanta is a big city with many lawyers from which to choose. Some of them claim to be specialists in slip and fall cases but they are just general law lawyers in disguise. Joseph Wilson handles only personal injury cases and is a successful Atlanta slip and fall lawyer.


If you've had an accident recently, you may be entitled to compensation. Joseph Wilson, Personal Injury Attorney, would like to hear from you.

Accidents Happen - Joseph Wilson, Attorney at Law Is On Your Side!

With some lawyers, your case becomes a file number. At the law office of Joseph Wilson, we handle only a small number of cases annually so that we can devote the maximum amount of resources needed to get you the settlement you deserve. This personal approach has made us a top Atlanta slip and fall lawyer.


Your case is too important to be handled by a lawyer who is inexperienced or who does not specialize in slip and fall cases. Joseph Wilson is a successful Atlanta slip and fall lawyer who has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for victims of negligence.

Court experience

Some lawyers may be good in their office but do not perform as well in court, where the decisions are made. Atlanta slip and fall lawyer Joseph Wilson has logged hundred of participations in court, has no fear of trial, and will try your case in front of any jury anywhere. 

Joseph Wilson is an experienced trial lawyer who was born and raised right here in Atlanta. During his career, he has worked hard to ensure that justice prevails for all of his clients. Joseph Wilson and has recovered millions of dollars in settlements on their behalf and he does not charge any fees until the case is settled.


All damage to you, small or big, can be compensated after an accident. The obvious injuries need obvious compensation. But many other injuries can impact your life. Many of these afflictions might not be immediately apparent.

It is the job of your accident attorney to take everything into account and build a case strong enough to get compensation for every loss and damage done to you as a result of the accident.

You should let your attorney do the assessment work and find out the damages incurred from the accident. Do this rather than making your assumptions. A statement to the insurance companythat sounds completely harmless to you could hurt your case entirely and put your compensation at risk.

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Preparation of the Case



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Joseph’s Motivation as an Attorney:

As an experienced Atlanta slip and fall lawyer, Joseph Wilson believes that there is no case too small or too complex. His extensive courtroom experience includes the representation of the victims and families of people with serious injuries who needed his expertise and perseverance to help recover from the devastation caused by their accidents.

This determination and hard work has helped Joseph earn a reputation as a fighter for his clients, who appreciate his dedication, his compassion, and his sense of justice.

Perhaps most important, Joseph’s clients appreciate his strategic approach to handling their cases. As a respected Atlanta slip and fall lawyer, Joseph spends time with a new client to gain an understanding of their case and their personal situation. From the moment they meet, to the time the case is settled, clients are engaged in a process that keeps them informed and helps guide them to the next best steps.

If you or a loved one has been injured a “slip and fall,” or any other personal injury situation, call Joseph Wilson for a free initial consultation!


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